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Pet Miniature Pigs

Mini Pig Piglets 

​Available October 12

Mini Pigs Hawaii welcomes you to experience the really big joy of pet mini pigs at a really fun size.

Piglets will be available October 12 and prices start at $1450 which includes their first vet visit to be spayed or neutered, vaccinated and micro chipped or ear tagged.

Angel, pictured above is a Juliana Pig.  Hope is half Juliana and half American Mini Pig. 

These Juliana / American Mini Pigs average about the size of a Bulldog. They are born weighing less than a pound. They are super smart, super friendly and super fun. Very popular on the mainland, mini pigs are now available in Hawaii. 

Emanuel is our striped mini boar. He's also half American Mini Pig and Half Juliana Pig. He's about 5 pounds in that video. It was taken when he was three months old. The picture above shows him at 10 months old. Emanuel spent a week in the house after he arrived from Indiana. Now he has a pen out side, but he's still a house pig at heart.

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