Mini Pigs Hawaii welcomes you to experience the really big joy of pet mini pigs at a really fun size.

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Babies are due mid October and will be ready for you by 10 weeks old. A $200 deposit will reserve your piglet. 

Piglet package includes:

  • 1 healthy vet checked piglet, spayed or neutered, vaccinated, micro-chipped, and parasite free
  • 1 AMPA care book
  •  Bag of mini pig food
  • 1 small bag of bokashi probiotic microbes
  • Lifetime support from the breeder. 

These Juliana / American Mini Pigs grow until they are 5 years old. They are usually about knee high and average about the size of a Bulldog. They are born weighing less than a pound. They are super smart, super friendly and super fun. Very popular on the mainland, mini pigs are now available in Hawaii. 

Emanuel is our tuxedo striped mini boar. He is half American Mini Pig and Half Juliana Pig. He's about 5 pounds in that video. It was taken when he was three months old.Emanuel spent a week in the house after he arrived from Indiana. Now he has a pen out side, but he's still a house pig at heart.

Read more about house training your mini pig, pig proofing your house, training your mini pig to come and sit on the Mini Pigs Tips and Info Page.

See videos of them sitting for treats and the classic pig belly roll video on the Our Pigs Page.

Mini Pigs Hawaii​    Miniature pigs as pets

Mini Pigs Hawaii Miniature Pigs as Pets


While it is impossible to guess what size a mini pig will grow to at maturity, the mother of these piglets is 14.5 inches tall at almost 2 years old and the dad is 14 inches at 1 year old. They will continue to grow until they are 5 years old. These piglets won't necessarily be the exact same height as the parents. Just like human siblings do not all grow to the same height and weight, some pigs may be shorter or taller. There is of course a mixture of genetics and environment at play in the mature size of any pig including their bloodlines, their diet, and exercise. More important than mature size is that these piglets will grow to be healthy, social, amazing pets that will love you as much as you love them! The parents have both been registered with height and age verified by the American Mini Pig Association, you can be sure they are indeed American Mini Pigs, the perfect size for a pet pig!